Last Mile (Dedicated Link)

Workstations and servers of your company’s local network may need access to your servers and equipment hosted in Equinix’s data centers. Having a high cost per bandwidth, unreliable performance and security issues, the Internet is not suitable for such traffic.

Last Mile

A Last Mile Link (point-to-point connection) provides physical and private connectivity for data traffic between your company’s environment and Equinix. The SLA is committed in contract and stablished according to your business criticality.

This solution is ideal to access your environment at Equinix through your network with guaranteed bandwidth to use with applications and servers administration.


  • SLA committed in contract, according to your needs
  • More security and ensured bandwidth for your applications
  • Enjoy a high quality Internet connection in your office combining the hiring of Internet bandwidth with a point-to-point connection
  • Unconditional support: dealing with an ISP is always stressful. We monitor the link 24×7 and take care of the relationship with the ISP

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