Managed Colocation

Eliminate the cost and complexity of in-house infrastructure by deploying inside Equinix. With our premium colocation solutions, your assets reside in a secure facility featuring proper cooling as well as redundant power supply and connectivity.

An IT platform is not just infrastructure and hardware – there is also the application layer, which requires people to install, upgrade, configure and keep the platform in operation. These are technical activities that not all enterprises have the time or the know-how to carry out.

To complement our traditional Colocation solutions, Equinix also offers a Managed Colocation service in Brazil. Based on the idea of partial Outsourcing, your enterprise provides assets and business rules, while our experienced Brazilian team provides the entire infrastructure and manages your environment.

Flexible Design, Tailored To Your Needs

For each requirement, our team of solution architects creates a customized design. You can hire our team to manage a single piece of equipment or your entire environment. You can hire our team to be ready to act on demand, servicing your requests as needed, or allow our team to act proactively, assuming all of your environment’s monitoring and management responsibilities. Our deadlines and metrics (SLA) are always guaranteed by contract. Don’t worry about your system’s maintenance, updates and settings. Take advantage of our expert staff and free up your team to work on real improvements for your business.

A Team of Experts in Various Technologies

The Managed Colocation solution is supported by a large team of experts. Training and qualification are part of our routine, and 85% of our technical staff is certified in the main technologies in the market. Your enterprise will be served by an expert in the technology of your requirement. Our Brazilian team has the know-how to manage operating systems, firewalls, databases, routers and switches, backup solutions and application servers from a wide range of providers. Each project has its own peculiarities. You may choose to rely on our assistance on specific tasks only, or leave all management responsibilities in our hands. That’s why we offer two Managed Colocation modes. You can use both modes, on different servers, within the same project.

Help Desk

With Managed Colocation – Help Desk (HD), our professionals are ready to act upon your request. Whenever you need to perform an activity in your environment, just contact us through Customer Portal or our call center. Our 24/7 service is permanent and, as guaranteed by contract, we will act within 15 minutes. You can count on HD management for installation, operation, configuration changes or failure recovery on servers and network devices.

Total Management

If you want even more peace of mind, we offer the option of Managed Colocation – Total Management (GT). Your team won’t have to monitor services or worry about any maintenance activity within your environment. We guarantee a secure and updated environment. GT takes care of routine monitoring and update activities in your environment, guaranteeing security and an operation that performs according to expectations.

Total Hosting Management vs Help Desk


Help Desk

Total Management

Monthly Service Level Report

Specific technical support for troubleshooting

Service starts within 15 minutes of request

Call History available in Extranet

Disaster Recovery

Server Monitoring



Operating System reinstalled and backup restored

Administration of Operating System and basic applications

Operational troubleshooting

Performance control and adjustments

Update and Upgrades

Security management

Vulnerability analysis (optional)


  • Technical staff with experts certified in various technologies. We have professionals with outstanding expertise in the software used in your environment
  • Experience in service management. If your enterprise is being affected by a specific problem for the first time, our technicians have most likely already seen it and handled it at one of our customers
  • Uninterrupted power guaranteed by redundancy in the supply, generators and UPS
  • Non-destructive fire detection and suppression systems
  • Peace of mind to manage your business without having to worry about routine activities such as system upgrades, backups, monitoring, and configuration changes
  • Hochprofessionelles Rechenzentrum mit physikalischen und logistischen Sicherheitsvorkehrungen, zertifiziert nach ISAE 3402, SSAE 16 type II SOC I und ISO 9001:2008
  • Moderne, redundant ausgelegte Kühlsysteme
  • Kapazitäten für schnelles Wachstum. Unsere vier Rechenzentren in Brasilien sind miteinander verbunden und bieten insgesamt den Platz für mehr als 56.000 Server

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