Dedizierte Hardware

Starting new projects or expanding current ones requires infrastructure and hardware investments. The Equinix Brazil team can help reduce monthly expenses and guarantee a secure, available environment. Our Dedicated Hardware service provides network elements (such as routers and switches) and additional assets (such as backup tape drives) to complement your environment within Equinix. No initial investment is needed – pay only a monthly fee.

Skalierbarkeit und garantierte Verfügbarkeit

Hardware failures on critical equipment could jeopardize your business. And, for many enterprises, having backup hardware in storage for immediate replacement in case of breakdown is just not feasible. Let Equinix Brazil take care of your dedicated hardware needs. With spare equipment always in stock, we will replace any malfunctioning hardware within the period set out in the contract.


  • Expand your current environment quickly and easily, without having to purchase new equipment
  • Fast replacement, with no additional charges in case of hardware failure. We keep a stock of spare parts and our technical staff is available 24/7
  • Reduce your project’s CAPEX with our infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solutions
  • Easy equipment replacement – no need to negotiate with different vendors or worry about customs procedures for importing hardware

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