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Infrastructure Services: Migration

There are so many diverse components involved that it’s often a question of when, not if, something will go wrong. Unplanned financial, time and physical risks can delay or even scuttle a move overnight. Our experienced data center migration professionals, with an average of 25 years of experience each, are well-equipped to help you get it done, on time and within budget.

“Data center migration projects are costly, risky and increasingly complex as virtualization plays an ever greater role in workloads today, with the career-ending potential for enterprise IT staff lacking the experience, knowledge and tools to plan and execute a successful data center move.”

Source: 451 Research, 2015

Migrationsservices von Equinix
Migrationsservices von Equinix
Migrationsservices von Equinix
Migrationsservices von Equinix

Our migration specialists use a repeatable, proven process that assures the highest levels of availability, the lowest risk and the fastest migration times possible. In fact, they’ve accomplished more than 1,200 moves in the past ten years alone.

Your Equinix team plans every aspect of the move, down to the smallest detail. This is true whether we’re handling a simple move involving just a few cabinets or a highly complex move with hundreds of cabinets. We’re even experts at handling worst-case scenarios. What happens if the truck carrying your equipment is delayed or you can’t get mission-critical equipment online? We have the answer!

Infografik: Migration

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Migrationen einfach und sicher durchgeführt mit Equinix, dem weltweit führenden Anbieter von Rechenzentrumsleistungen.



Diese Infografik zeigt die beste Vorgehensweise bei Planung und Management einer Rechenzentrumsmigration.


Equinix Infrastruktur-Services

Ihr Partner für die Rechenzentrumsinstallation und -migration sowie die Beschaffung des Equipments aus einer Hand.





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