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Business Continuity Trading Room (BCTR)

Trading operations are mission-critical, so when you face conditions that threaten to derail them, you can’t afford to sacrifice anything. Our Business Continuity Trading Rooms (BCTRs) do more than back up your trading floor operations—they mirror them in one of our highly secure data centers. We provide the technology, space, and people that enable you to step inside a BCTR and continue business as usual.


Peace of Mind

Equinix’s BCTR offerings protect and monitor trading operations for financial firms in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific. Our highly reliable and resilient data centers are the best places to connect your critical computing environments. All Equinix BCTR offerings are power-protected with generators and uninterruptible power supplies in secure facilities featuring 24x7 technical and security staff. Peace of mind is tough to come by when power fails; an Equinix BCTR can provide it.



  • Locate your business continuity trading room in the same secure, reliable, and network-rich facilities as our industry-leading colocation services and financial ecosystems.
  • Deploy in the top 15 global financial centers around the world with a single provider.
  • Select from four industry-leading solution models to meet your business continuity demands.
  • Link colocation and backup trading suites to realize Metropolitan Area Network cost savings.
  • Rely on Select Shared or Select Exclusive solutions with the lowest sharing ratios in the industry and enjoy 24x7 support.

The Equinix Advantage

Equinix BCTR service offerings support different risk profiles and business needs. Our Business Continuity Trading Rooms are located in the same secure, reliable and network-rich facilities as our industry-leading colocation services and financial ecosystems.


  • Komplett ausgestattete Arbeitsplätze für Front und Back Office
  • Desktop-Technologie
  • Mehrere Monitore
  • Internet-Telefonservice (VoIP)
  • Optionaler Interconnection-Service
  • Network services for connectivity and resilience (Germany only)
  • Monitoring and standby technical staff (Germany only)
  • Tape change and media management (Germany only)
  • Plug-and-Work service for mirroring the data on production PCs to emergency PCs in the Business Continuity Center (Germany only)
  • Specialist services such as system recovery, trading services, user recovery, and voice recovery (Germany only)

Service offerings include:

  • Select-Shared: Provides industry-leading maximum of 4:1 sharing ratio.
  • Select-Exclusive: Delivers maximum 4:1 sharing ratio with geographic exclusivity zones.
  • Dedicated: Designed for use by a single customer, making it available for any purpose 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Private Suite: Fully customized and dedicated solutions. Supply your own technology or build to your specifications.

Business Continuity Consulting and Planning Services (Germany only)

Die Business-Continuity-Planung ist ein fortlaufender Prozess zur Ermittlung der Unternehmensrisiken und zur Entwicklung von Tools, Systemen und Strategien für die Vermeidung beziehungsweise Verringerung dieser Risiken. Equinix kann Sie dabei unterstützen. Wir verfügen über gut ausgebildete Support-Teams, die mit Ihnen gemeinsam alle Aspekte einer Business-Continuity-Infrastruktur realisieren können - von der Planung und Implementierung über Tests und Updates bis hin zur Mitarbeiterschulung.