Building a Digital Path for a Connected Future Between Asia and Australia

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Digital interconnection and trade has never been more critical than it is today. Even though some countries are lifting country-wide lockdowns, physical connectivity remains challenging during this time due to social distancing and closed borders. Digital connectivity is now vital to the future growth of a business.

This exclusive discussion with industry leaders, hosted by international news anchor, Oriel Morrison, explores opportunities for increased digital connectivity with Asia from an Australian perspective. Learn how to capitalize on these opportunities through reliable interconnection that will help businesses build capacity in the region and accelerate digital transformation, innovation and growth.


  • Seek opportunities for increased digital business in Asia and how to tap into it
  • Leverage technology successfully to connect with Asia digitally and accelerate innovation and growth
  • Understand the underlying infrastructure that is supporting increased digital business securely
  • Optimierung der Anwendung
  • Digitale Transformation
  • Netzwerkoptimierung