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451 Research - Equinix interconnects its global datacenters into one unified platform

In December 2017 Equinix announced the launch of Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) Fabric and the expansion of Equinix Internet Exchange (IX) to new markets. With an independent analyst perspective, this 451 Report covers the breadth and significance of these announcements for Equinix, our industry, and our customers.

Get the report that talks about:

  • ECX Fabric and its capabilities
  • Expanding the reach of Equinix Internet Exchange into nine new metros

Equinix can see a real opportunity with customers that no longer have network management functions in-house that require simple ways to connect to the cloud, while ensuring that they are protected and have on-ramps to multiple cloud options.

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451 Research – Equinix Unified Global Platform| Equinix Analyst Report