French Data Centers

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Equinix-Rechenzentren in Frankreich

More than 525companies colocate in Equinix data centers in France to connect to business partners and customers across their digital supply chains. In fact, Equinix in France is home to many thriving, diverse business ecosystems, including:


  • Financial services, which converge on Equinix to streamline trading and to share time-sensitive information with partners. Global enterprises looking to connect to business partners, provide high-speed applications to employees and end-users and ensure business continuity across Europe
  • Some of the largest Internet service providers and telecommunications companies in the world use our France data center facilities as a central traffic hub for Europe. This dense presence of service providers offers our customers in France extensive network and interconnection choice

Our seven state of the art data centers in France provide 38,000+ square meters (417,000+ square feet) of data center space. Our rich portfolio of services enables customers to quickly get their data center up and running in our French colocation facilities. Equinix Global Solutions Architects provide expert consultations to gather detailed requirements necessary for the design and optimization of customized colocation and network services. Infrastructure services can be provided for data center installation, equipment sourcing and migration. Once built, our Smart Hands™ support team offer remote data center management to enable efficient maintenance of colocation infrastructures.