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Load Balance


As your business grows, you need to add new servers to increase the capacity and resilience of your application. Without proper planning, however, added infrastructure can cause bottlenecks and congestion points, resulting in an imbalanced use of resources.

Load Balance serves as the traffic gateway for your application, intelligently distributing requests to the best server available at any given time. The ideal is to evenly balanced this load , optimizing resources. This way, failures in a single server do not lead to drops in your environment, and servers can undergo maintenance individually without the need for service interruptions.Using a load balance solution also provides benefits during expansions. The procedure of adding new servers to meet increasing demand is much simpler, and much more transparent to the end user.

Requests Forwarded to the Most Appropriate Server

Load Balance is not done randomly. Rather, it relies on predefined rules and protocols.Equinix Brazil’s Load Balance solutions can work on both the transport and the application layers. In other words, you can define simple rules, such as routing of requests to the server with the lowest traffic at the time, or apply more elaborate rules, such as routing based on the type of content server.

Load Balance as a Service

In the Load Balance as a Service solution, the equipment is provided and managed by Equinix Brazil. Enjoy a high availability infrastructure that leverages redundant hardware to increase fault tolerance without the need to consume space or energy in your cabinet.

Define the balancing rules according to your need. Our solution helps you distribute data traffic without content distinction, or by using more advanced logic, according to content type.

Dedicated Load Balance

With a dedicated appliance, connected directly to your network, you can centralize access to your servers. The structure is not shared with other customers and the limits for requests and consumed bandwidth can be set according to your needs. Dedicated Load Balance can be installed in a simple or high availability configuration, with more than one hardware device working in parallel, redundantly. Ideal for mission-critical scenarios.

Virtual Dedicated Load Balance

Customers who have physical, virtual or hybrid environments can have virtual appliances and can choose the virtual dedicated Load Balance Appliance solution. This virtualization infrastructure makes the environment more elastic and flexible, speeding up the entire capacity implementation and expansion process.

This virtualization is flexible, robust and redundant and has the same features of a traditional physical appliance, but without the need to acquire power or physical space. High availability is also guaranteed in the hardware layer.

Our solutions are available in all major vendors in the market, both for virtual dedicated Firewall and virtual dedicated Load Balance.


  • Increased resilience and availability of your infrastructure
  • Easy scalability with no impact to the end user

  • Continuity for your service in cases of occasional failure or scheduled maintenance on individual servers
  • Multiple balancing techniques to meet your business needs

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