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Equinix Metro Connect™

Connect to multiple data centers within a metro

Equinix Metro Connect services provide direct, dedicated, carrier-grade network links between customers in one Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data center and partners in another IBX within the same metro. With Metro Connect you'll enjoy fast, convenient and affordable integration with customers, partners and service providers within the Equinix digital ecosystem. Your organization will benefit from highly reliable, extremely low-latency communication, system integration and data exchange.

Features und Vorteile

Speed and Interface Options

Equinix offers both dedicated Layer 1 and switch-based Layer 2 services in a variety of configurations. All service types are available as active or passive solutions. Get the datasheet to learn more about these options

Direkter Ökosystem-Zugang

With Metro Connect you have access to a vibrant digital ecosystem of business partners and service providers. Worldwide Equinix customers include network providers, 2,900+ cloud and IT service providers, 675+ digital content providers and 370+ enterprises


Metro Connect services eliminate the need for local loops and expensive dark fiber trenching. Proximity to your partners and customers reduces latency, jitter and failure. It also improves speed and reliability and accelerates provisioning

Höhere Flexibilität

Wenn Sie Partner-Ökosysteme an geografisch unterschiedlichen Standorten vernetzen, können Sie Ihren Netzwerkrand flexibel an Ihre Erfordernisse anpassen. Die Ingenieure von Equinix konzipieren für Sie jede Installation, um das Kabelmanagement zu vereinfachen und die Skalierbarkeit zu optimieren

Kostengünstige Konnektivität

Metro Connect services are significantly less expensive than connecting via local loops