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Globale Präsenz


With video dominating the majority of all global consumer Internet traffic, you’ll need a global presence and close proximity to customers to maintain your competitive edge. For example, ChinaCache accelerated its international expansion with Equinix, and reduced the average time it needed to deliver content and applications worldwide to less than 25 milliseconds.

Verteilen Sie Inhalte, um sie näher zu Ihren globalen Partnern und Kunden zu platzieren.

Equinix has data centers in 52 major business markets on five continents, with access to 1,800+ networks and 2,900+ cloud, IT and system integrator services. The geographic reach and flexibility of Platform Equinix™ data centers enable you to house content closer to partners and customers for faster delivery—a benefit you can’t get from any other data center provider. Our more than 200 global data centers are home to 9,800+ Equinix customers, enabling you to expand the reach of your content delivery systems and attract new customers.

Access to 100+ networks and 2,900+ cloud, IT and system integrator services


Zugang zu zahlreichen neuen potenziellen Zulieferern, Partnern und Kunden.

The Equinix Marketplace provides a user-friendly interface for finding and connecting to suppliers, partners and customers that will fuel your content delivery business growth.

Rücken Sie näher zu wichtigen Partnern und Kunden.

Putting your content delivery systems’ infrastructure closer to partners and large customer populations allows you to reduce transmission latency to single-digit milliseconds. Equinix’s close proximity to 1,800+ networks, 2,900+ cloud service providers and 9,800+ customers worldwide enables content delivery systems providers to deliver streaming video to customers faster and more reliably.

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