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Our first International Business Exchange™ data center in South Korea

Opening in 2019, the SL1 Seoul IBX® will be our first data center in South Korea, one of the most digitally connected countries in Asia. Part of our global interconnection platform, Equinix Seoul helps you connect to partners and customers in the 4th largest metropolitan economy and in over 52 cities around the world.

SL1 will be located near Seoul’s central business district and Yeouido financial district and offers the products, services and solutions to deploy an Interconnection Oriented Architecture® (IOA®) strategy.

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Platform Equinix™ — Bauen Sie hier auf, und seien Sie überall präsent

Platform Equinix, the global platform for digital business, lets you securely deploy, directly connect and effectively scale your digital infrastructure where everything is within reach. Build here, and go anywhere.


Jedes Ziel erreichen

The new SL1 Seoul data center will open later in 2019 and together with our 200+ data centers in 52 markets worldwide, we’re everywhere you need to be.


Jeden miteinander verbinden

Implement an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ strategy to deploy and scale your applications and services at the digital edge, closer to users for superior performance.


Alles integrieren

Dynamically discover and reach your ecosystem partners and providers worldwide through a single connection.

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