Global services provider Australian-based ASE wanted to provide a globally consistent, secure and reliable hybrid IT infrastructure near its users with the ability to provide low-latency interconnection to its new partners and customers in U.S. markets. Additionally, it wanted to provide a NetApp Private Storage (NPS) solution to users as an automated, cloud-based service to accelerate storage access and reduce costs for its customers. So Equinix and NetApp partnered to provide ASE with all the features it wanted and more.

451 Research - Interconnection 201

Roadmap for updating network architecture to meet the needs of hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and mobile environments.

Eine Kosten-Nutzen-Analyse von Interconnection-Lösungen

Equinix beauftragte Forrester, eine Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Studie durchzuführen, um den ROI und die Vorteile der Equinix IOA festzustellen.

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