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Regionales Management Asien-Pazifik


Samuel Lee

Samuel Lee

President, Equinix Asien-Pazifik

Samuel Lee is President of Equinix Asia-Pacific, overseeing the company’s management, strategy and growth in the region. In this role, he successfully led the growth and expansion of the company’s business in Asia-Pacific, including its acquisitions of Asia Tone, Bit-isle and Metronode in 2012, 2015 and 2018 respectively, and the ongoing integration of the company’s regional operations into its global business. Under his leadership, Equinix’s business in Asia-Pacific has undergone rapid expansion to become one of the market leaders in the region with 40 data centers in 12 markets.

With more than 25 years of experience in the IT and telecom industry, Mr. Lee is well-known as a dynamic and forward-looking business leader in the field, with proven track record in driving business growth and expansion. He joined Equinix in 2000 as Managing Director of Hong Kong, leading the company’s business strategy, sales and operations in Hong Kong. In that role, he successfully led the team in building a strong market position for Equinix in Hong Kong.

Prior to joining Equinix, Mr. Lee served as Managing Director of Pacific Gateway Exchange, overseeing the wholesale and retail business growth and development for the company. Mr. Lee has also held senior management positions at various leading technology companies, including Teleglobe International, Intel, and Sprint. In addition, he was the founder of a consulting firm offering strategic consultation services to network providers in Asia.

A native of Hong Kong, Mr. Lee holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business from the City University of Hong Kong.


Diarmid Massey

Diarmid Massey

Senior Vice President of Sales, Equinix Asien-Pazifik

Diarmid Massey is Senior Vice President of Sales of Equinix Asia-Pacific, overseeing the company’s sales strategy and execution in the region. He leads continuous revenue growth ahead of the market and executes industry-leading channel strategy. With his extensive experience in key verticals including cloud and network service providers, system integrators and global/regional enterprises, he played a key role in driving business success for the company in the region.

Prior to joining Equinix in 2014, Mr. Massey was Head of Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific for Vodafone Carrier Services where he was responsible for spearheading the establishment of the business in those regions. During his tenure with Cable & Wireless Worldwide as the Vice President/Managing Director of Global Wholesale and Carriers, he led a four-year realignment of its $1-billion global wholesale service provider business, and maintained continuous double-digit sales growth in its business-to-business segment, even in the face of economic downturn and corporate restructuring.

With more than 30 years of experience in the IT industry regionally and globally, Mr. Massey is a well-recognized thought leader and an experienced keynote speaker.


Jeremy Deutsch

Jeremy Deutsch

Managing Director, Equinix Australien

Jeremy Deutsch is Managing Director of Equinix Australia, leading the company’s business strategy, sales and operations in the Australian market. In 2018, Mr. Deutsch led the company’s acquisition of Metronode in Australia, which made Equinix the market leader in the country.

With more than 17 years of experience in the ICT industry, Mr. Deutsch joined Equinix in 2008 as Sales Director in Australia, responsible for developing executive customer relationship, leading a sales team to drive revenue growth, and managing projects across teams and regions for seamless delivery of services to customers. In that role, he had ranked as the company’s top-performing sales leader in the Asia-Pacific region for three consecutive years.

Prior to joining Equinix, Mr. Deutsch was General Manager of Products at Unwired Australia, a SingTel Optus group company, managing product strategy, alliance partnerships and user experience delivery. He also worked for Pihana Pacific, which was acquired by Equinix in 2002, where he supported all aspects of its sales process and managed the life cycle of existing and new products.

Mr. Deutsch holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Information Systems from the University of New South Wales.


Kei Furuta

Kei Furuta

Managing Director, Equinix Nordasien

Kei Furuta ist Managing Director von Equinix Nordasien. Er ist für Geschäftsstrategie, Vertrieb und Operationen des Unternehmens im nordasiatischen Markt, einschließlich Japan und Korea, verantwortlich. 2015 leitete Furuta die Übernahme von Bit-isle in Japan, die Equinix zu einem branchenführenden Unternehmen des Landes machte.

Mr. Furuta joined Equinix in 2009 with a wealth of international management and consulting experience in ICT industry, particularly with specializations in marketing and global services development, investment in high-tech ventures, and advisory for industry service providers.

Prior to joining Equinix, Mr. Furuta held various executive positions across a variety of industries, including data center operations, internet consulting and mobile services. He was the regional head at AboveNet and Sprint International, where he managed the operations in Japan and Korea. Before that, Mr. Furuta was a founder of an engineering and consulting firm for energy-saving and environmental technologies.

Mr. Furuta began his career at Marubeni Corporation, one of Japan’s leading trading houses, where he served in several management positions in global network and telecommunications business development based in Toyko and New York.

Mr. Furuta holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from Waseda University, Tokyo.


Sainti Li

Sainti Li

Managing Director, Equinix China

Sainti Li is Managing Director of Equinix China, leading the company’s business strategy, sales and operations in the China market. Since joining Equinix in 2014, Mr. Li has successfully led China’s business growth, built a strong market position in the country and supported local customers to expand globally.

Mr. Li has more than 30 years of experience in regional business planning, business development, product management, technical support, and sales and marketing in the ICT industry. In the past 18 years, Mr. Li helped various key global players to explore and capture the business opportunities in China. In 2000, Mr. Li represented AT&T to form the first foreign-sino telecom service joint venture between AT&T, China Telecom Shanghai and Shanghai Information Investment (Shanghai Government’s investment arm) to serve the total telecom needs of multinationals in and out of China.

Prior to joining Equinix, Mr. Li was the Director of Australia Retail of IDT Telecom, where he was responsible for international voice calling solutions for the consumer segment, and successfully launched a new consumer product and distribution platform called Boss Revolution. Mr. Li also worked for AT&T Asia-Pacific and IBM China/Hong Kong for over 15 years, focusing on global network and data center outsourcing services to multinational companies. During his early career, he worked for other global organizations including Fujitsu-ICL and Siemens Nixdorf.

A native of Hong Kong, Mr. Li holds a higher certificate in Electronics Engineering from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and a certificate in Computers and Telecommunications from City & Guilds of London Institute.

Andrew Rigoli

Andrew Rigoli

Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategy, Equinix Asia-Pacific & Interim Country Manager, Singapore

Andrew Rigoli is Vice President of Corporate Development & Strategy of Equinix Asia-Pacific. He is responsible for formulating the company’s growth strategy, spearheading business development strategies and running corporate strategies across disciplines and countries in the region. Since March 2018, Mr. Rigoli has assumed an additional role of Interim Country Manager of Singapore, leading the company’s business strategy, sales and operations in the Singapore market.

Mr. Rigoli joined Equinix in 2003 as Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, responsible for building Equinix’s long-term financial plans and annual budgets. He also worked on asset acquisitions, partnerships and global expansion plans. During his tenure with Equinix, Mr. Rigoli closed M&A projects with targets in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

Prior to joining Equinix, Mr. Rigoli worked for the Technology Mergers & Acquisitions group of Salomon Smith Barney’s Investment Banking Division in New York and Palo Alto where he played a key role in numerous financing and strategic projects for clients, including buy-side and sale-side transactions for public and private companies, debt, equity and convertible debt capital raises. He also worked as an Economic Analyst at the United States Treasury Department.

Mr. Rigoli holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - Anderson School of Management, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and International Studies from the UCLA.


Larry Tam

Larry Tam

Managing Director, Equinix Hongkong

Larry Tam is Managing Director of Equinix Hong Kong, leading the company’s business strategy, sales and operations in the Hong Kong market. He joined Equinix in July 2018 as Vice President of Sales & Marketing of Equinix Hong Kong. In that role, he oversaw all aspects of the sales and marketing function, and was responsible for formulating the company’s sales and business strategy, accelerating revenue growth and expanding enterprise business in Hong Kong.

Mr. Tam brings to Equinix more than 30 years of technology leadership, business planning and management, and sales and marketing experience in the ICT industry. Prior to joining Equinix, Mr. Tam was the Managing Director for Hong Kong and Macau at Brocade, where he drove the overall business growth and performance of the company's networking business in the two regions. Prior to that, Mr. Tam was the Country Manager for Hong Kong and Macau at Juniper Networks, and the Marketing Director for Asia-Pacific at Level 3 Communications.

A native of Hong Kong, Mr. Tam holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Manitoba in Canada.