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Contracts FAQs

You will notice that the products and services that make up your environment on at Equinix will be described differently in business proposals issued as of 10/8/2018. Here are more details and information on other changes in our contracts’ current renewal and cancellation (total or partial) processes.

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Will Equinix product nomenclature changes only affect new agreements or ongoing agreements as well?

All changes to Equinix’s product nomenclature, billing descriptions, documentation and portals will also be applied to ongoing agreements. However, there will be no changes to services rendered, monthly fees or service level agreements (SLAs) or any other condition established in ongoing agreements. Your experience with Equinix services will not be impaired in any way.

Will there be any change to the current Equinix contract renewal process?

The renewal of existing contracts will respect existing agreements executed with Equinix and will not change.

Will there be any change to Equinix’s current agreement cancellation process, including partial or full cancellations?

The termination process defined in the existing agreement executed between customer and Equinix will not change. The only change is that now if you only wish to cancel some items in your agreement, this request can also be made directly to your CSM. And if you wish to cancel the entire agreement, you can contact the Termination/Revenue Retention team at the following email: