Bereitstellung von Content und Applikationen

The content delivery network (CDN) market is expected to grow from $3.71 billion to $12.16 billion (26.8% CAGR) between 2014 and 2019, with vertical applications such as media and entertainment, advertising, gaming and e-commerce leading the market. To provide strategic differentiation in this expanding market, you need to ensure that your CDN is delivering a high quality of experience (QoE) to your end users.

Provide secure, uninterrupted access to your content.

Both your public and private CDN infrastructures need to connect to globally distributed content delivery systems with fast, secure and reliable interconnection solutions. Your CDN infrastructure should be geographically close to your end users to achieve the low latency required for this highly distributed environment. To provide your partners, employees and customers uninterrupted access to applications and content, your CDN infrastructures must have enterprise-class reliability and availability when unforeseen events disrupt delivery. You also need secure access to public cloud services to increase your ability to efficiently scale your applications and content delivery capabilities, and ultimately, accelerate your business.

With 500+ content and digital media providers in the Equinix Digital Media Ecosystem, you can increase your ability to quickly introduce new solutions into the marketplace.


The Best Connected Applications and Content Delivery Infrastructures

Equinix provides the world's best-connected data centers for companies to deploy high-performance applications and content delivery infrastructures.

Equinix data centers feature:

  • 1,150+ networks, enabling an unsurpassed choice of networks and interconnection solutions to power your applications and content delivery infrastructure
  • 500+ content and digital media providers within the Equinix Digital Media Ecosystem to increase your ability to quickly introduce new solutions into the marketplace
  • 500+ cloud services and the ability to build hybrid cloud environments via the Equinix Cloud Exchange™
  • 6,300+ customers in 145 global Platform Equinix™ data centers that are strategically located in 40 major business markets on 5 continents
  • Equinix Performance Hub™ to help you lower latency to improve your overall applications and content delivery efficiency and performance, while reducing your network bandwidth costs

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White Paper

The Evolution of the Content and Digital Media Ecosystem

As broadband penetration in Western Europe reaches over 63 per cent of households, and is expected to climb to 70 per cent by 2015, online media services are becoming a force in their own right.


Customer Success Story: Marketo

Mit einer auf mehrere Standorte verteilten Nutzung der Rechenzentren von Equinix gewann Marketo noch nie da gewesene Kontrolle über ihren Rechenzentrumsbetrieb. Damit erreichten sie eine einzigartige Produktivitär und Effizienz, die nicht nur die Application Performance verbesserten, sondern auch das Endsaldo.


MicroStrategy Customer Success Story

When MicroStrategy was ready to launch its cloud service, the company turned to Equinix for its high bandwidth, flexibility and global footprint. Equinix gives MicroStrategy high-speed connectivity in close proximity to its customers, improving availability, performance and reliability.

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