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Are you ready for what’s next? According to analyst forecasts and IT executives, the five key trends affecting our state of technology are mobility, consumer technology, cloud services, hyperdigitization and globalization. In the following pages, you’ll learn how these trends are affecting current networks, and why a strategic data center is key to not only surviving, but thriving, today and in the future.

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White Paper

Warum sich Unternehmen für die Hybrid Cloud entscheiden

Unternehmen entscheiden sich immer häufiger für eine Hybrid-Cloud-Architektur, um die Leistung ihrer geschäftskritischen Applikationen zu maximieren.


Gartner Report: Colocation

Gartner outlines how enterprises can employ colocation networking – the bringing together of various connections in one facility – to achieve the same cloud benefits that cloud providers, content providers and carriers already enjoy. With colocation networking, enterprises can realize superior...





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