Forrester Report – Beware the Pitfalls within Networking for Hybrid Cloud

Forrester identifies the various pitfalls in hybrid cloud configurations and explains how setting up the correct type of connections is a crucial component of public cloud platforms. This report describes how infrastructure and operations professionals can best match various transport and connections options available to achieve cloud level maturity.


  • Choosing the right connection types depends on the importance of application traffic, geographic locations, cloud connections, and location of users
  • By leveraging best practices, you can bypass some of the dead-end options and meet your goals quicker
  • With some common enterprise services not available on cloud services, you may need extra resources and skills sets to maximize public cloud value

Cloud applications have been and will continue to be the largest portion of the public cloud market, representing more than four-fifths of cloud revenues in 2014 and an estimated two-thirds by 2020.

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