Referral Partner

Equinix's referral partners include sales agents (U.S. only), sales consultants (EMEA/APAC), real estate brokers and referral partners who have deep technical and project management skills to deliver scalable hybrid cloud solutions to enterprise customers. These experts span the knowledge gap most enterprise IT teams need in order to quickly leverage hybrid cloud solutions in any of our data centers located in 40 key business metros in 21 countries.


Lead Referral Partners

Lead Referral Partners help their customers by coordinating with local Equinix sales teams to help expedite the purchasing process. By engaging Equinix early, Lead Referral Partners keep the project on schedule for one or more data centers around the world.


Equinix Sales Agents

Equinix Sales Agents in the US have deep IT and network knowledge and work closely with Equinix to deliver solutions in any of our 145 IBX data centers worldwide. These partners continue to deliver options and know how best to deploy them. Equinix Sales Agents deliver expertise you need for strategic planning, design, and implementation of enterprise-class cloud services. They can provide a technology solution roadmap, deliver complete specifications documentation, create a step-by-step deployment guide, and secure and deploy the hardware, software, and leverage public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions.


Equinix Sales-Consultants

Sales Consultants throughout EMEA have the experience, flexibility, and deep knowledge how to leverage the Equinix Cloud Exchange and direct connect to access over 500+ cloud solution providers. Or deploy an Equinix Performance Hub enterprise node presence and colocation services available in our secure and reliable data centers worldwide. With over >99.9999% up time, Sales Consultants can create scalable and cost-effective IT solutions for the enterprise customers needing to meet commercial and government compliance requirements including PCI DSS, FISMA, DIACAP and HIPAA.


Real Estate Brokers

Commercial Real Estate Broker können die Sicherheit der unternehmenskritischen Daten Ihrer Kunden gewährleisten, wenn diese die Colocation-Services der Equinix IBX-Rechenzentren nutzen. Equinix bietet ein Höchstmaß an Sicherheit und operativer Zuverlässigkeit sowie eine globale Präsenz und den Zugang zu Hochleistungsverbindungen.

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