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LD6 is a major milestone for Equinix as well as the UK digital sector. The Equinix UK flagship data center situated in London Slough was driven by escalating demand for services at the fastest-growing data center campus. The facility is our third on the London Slough campus and our sixth in the metropolitan area. Our London Slough campus has broad appeal because it houses the London Internet Exchange (LINX), one of the world's largest Internet Exchanges. It is also a virtual financial center: a quarter of European equities trades originate here. The new 86,000 square foot LD6 data center connects to two sister data centers on campus via hundreds of dark fiber links, increasing campus capacity and resilience.

Unrivaled Access to the World

With 200+ network service providers and access to a range of transatlantic cables, the London Slough campus is one of the busiest network nodes in the UK. It offers latency in the region of 30 milliseconds to New York and 4 milliseconds to Frankfurt, making it an ideal high-performance hub for cloud and content service provision. The campus build means you can have as much space and power as you need, not just now but in the future. This ease of interconnection allows you to distribute your footprint across more than one Equinix data center in the campus with no loss of performance.

Our London Slough campus houses LINX—one of the world's largest Internet exchanges with more than 480 members from over 50 countries. It is also a virtual financial center: a quarter of European equities trades originate here. Globally, more than 60% of volume-driving market makers are Equinix customers, and more than 25% of these are based in our London Slough campus.

LD6 - IBX-Rechenzentrum in London

Das IBX-Rechenzentrum und Internet Exchange LD6 im Londoner Slough Trading Estate ist ein Standort mit einer hohen Konzentration internationaler Unternehmen, der ein umfangreiches Business-Ecosystem für Netzwerkverbindungsservices bietet.


Room to Grow

The addition of LD6 makes the Equinix London Slough campus the largest in the UK. Equinix has invested $37 million in the acquisition of its existing LD4 and LD5 campus buildings and is concurrently entered into long-term ground leases for the entire LD4, LD5 and LD6 campus with SEGRO plc. This acquisition gives Equinix effective 50-year control of one of the UK's largest, fastest-growing and most network-dense data center campuses, supporting customer continuity and future expansion. The Equinix London Slough campus provides over 36,000 square meters (388,000 square feet) of net premium colocation space interconnected by more than 1,000 diverse dark fiber link—increasing scale and resilience.


A Complete Cloud Services Ecosystem

Equinix's global footprint and network density make it easy for cloud service providers to increase target market reach and exceed performance requirements by locating infrastructure closer to customers and technology partners. As part of the London Slough campus LD6 will offer direct access to a complete cloud services ecosystem for rapid integration of services across a range of low latency, high bandwidth, high security interconnection options. Advanced hybrid cloud architectures can be seamlessly created, aggregating public and private clouds as well as legacy infrastructure.


Where Ideas Come to Life

UK data center LD6 is designed to help bring ideas to life so you can:

  • Collaborate globally and seamlessly across the business and externally with the right partners and providers, by creating their enterprise cloud in a hyper-connected Equinix data center like LD6.
  • Innovate by enabling new services and solutions in a next-generation data centre like LD6—which itself demonstrates innovation in networking, construction and energy efficiency.
  • Accelerate business vision with LD6—achieve low latency and high bandwidth, reduce time-to-market, and accelerate revenue growth by removing the limitations of conventional data centers.

Show the world how LD6 will bring ideas to life by contributing to our LD6 social media awareness campaign. Join the #LD6Equinix conversation.


Auszeichnungen und Zertifizierungen

IBX-Rechenzentren von Equinix entsprechen internationalen Standards. So haben wir für viele unserer Rechenzentren Audits für SSAE16 durchgeführt und Zertifizierungen für ISO oder LEED erhalten. Weiterhin haben wir für unsere IBX-Rechenzentren zahlreiche branchenspezifische Auszeichnungen in unterschiedlichen Kategorien erhalten, unter anderem für Betriebssicherheit, Marktführerschaft und Umweltinitiativen. Bitte setzen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung, um mehr über einen bestimmten Standort zu erfahren.


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LD6 is one of many state of the art IBX centers in key metropolitan areas throughout Europe that offer a full range of premium colocation, interconnection and support services to a wide range of secure digital ecosystems built by networks, enterprise, content, cloud and IT services companies and...


LD6 Overview

Equinix is driving new innovation in its data centers worldwide, pushing the boundaries of data center design, leveraging intelligent new approaches and harnessing natural resources responsibly in creative ways.


LD6 Virtual Tour

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