Rechenzentren in Singapur

SG3 - IBX-Rechenzentrum in Singapur

Singapore SG3 colocation and data center is home to the Asia-Pacific Network Operation Center (NOC) with Internet exchange points access to one of the world's three GRX peering points.

SG2 - IBX-Rechenzentrum in Singapur

Das Colocation- und Rechenzentrum SG2 am Pioneer Walk in Singapur ist Standort des Network Operation Centers für den asiatisch-pazifischen Raum, das Internet Exchanges Points für den Zugang zu einem der drei weltweit größten GRX-Peering-Points bietet.

SG1 - IBX-Rechenzentrum in Singapur

Singapore SG1 colocation and data center at Ayer Rajah are home to the Asia-Pacific Network Operation Center (NOC) with Internet exchange points access to one of the world's three GRX peering points.

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Equinix-Rechenzentren in Singapur

475+ companies colocate in Equinix’s Singapore data centers to connect to business partners and customers across their digital supply chains. Equinix in Singapore is home to many thriving, diverse business ecosystems, including:

  • Network service providers, as our facilities here offer the widest selection of international and regional networks in South Asia
  • Internet service providers, thanks to the access we offer to one of the world’s three GRX peering points
  • Global enterprises looking to expand into Singapore, gain proximity to customers and partners and improve application performance for end-users in the country and throughout South Asia

Equinix provides a total of 34,000+ square meters (370,000+ square feet) of colocation space in three state of the art data centers, with our latest Singapore facility, SG3, recently opened in Q1 2015. We can help get you up and running in Singapore with a rich portfolio of services, from expert consultations with our Global Solutions Architects, who can design and optimize your colocation and network services, to our Smart Hands™ support team for remote data center management.

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