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Weniger Kosten und Latenzen, mehr Bandbreite

Equinix offers you in-house access to several Internet exchanges. A direct connection to an Internet exchange offers numerous advantages, including reduced costs and latency, and increased bandwidth.

Internet exchanges offer you scale, performance and new opportunities. Equinix's Amsterdam data centers accommodate both AMS-IX and NL-ix, two leading Internet exchanges.



AMS-IX, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, provides Equinix customers with vital peering opportunities to AMS-IX members. With 400+ members, AMS-IX is one of the world's largest Internet exchanges. Equinix customers can interconnect and peer directly with AMS-IX’s diverse community of Internet Service Providers, telecoms carriers, mobile operators, content platforms, social media companies and others, increasing reliability, improving performance and reducing costs.

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The Neutral Internet Exchange (NL-ix), has 520+ members and is another leading Internet exchange connected to Equinix's Amsterdam data centers. A direct connection to NL-ix enhances traffic performance for Equinix customers, enabling them to peer across the NL-ix infrastructure to increase reliability, improve performance and reduce costs.


Zugang zu den Business-Ecosystemen der Carrier-Hotels

AM3 Science Park Amsterdam also offers direct connections to "carrier hotels" such as Nikhef and SURFsara.


Nikhef is an institute for fundamental research in the field of subatomic physics, and SURFsara supports scientific research in the Netherlands in close collaboration with the academic and business communities. Scientists and technicians from Nikhef and SURFsara (previously SARA) were early facilitators of the Internet, setting up an Internet exchange point in the mid-1990s. Today more than 500 participants connect to the AMS-IX at Nikhef. Direct access to these carrier hotels puts you in touch with valuable ecosystems of potential networks, partners and customers.





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