Performance bottlenecks within the digital media asset flow can have a direct impact on the speed in which the final video product is delivered to the customer and, ultimately, your profitability. Maintaining system availability throughout the media asset flow is critical to ensuring the fast delivery of digital media and entertainment products.


Deliver consistent, high-performance content availability.

Replicated Equinix Performance Hub™ deployments and diverse networks within distributed Equinix International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers provide world-class reliability and operational excellence to keep the process flowing. Our data centers deliver >99.9999% (on average) global uptime and best-in-class physical security. And, Equinix Cloud Exchange™ enables you to access cloud-based storage/archiving services for disaster recovery.

In tests conducted in our global Solution Validation Centers, video streaming applications experienced 47% lower network latency through a Performance Hub deployment.


Scale your video streaming performance while reducing costs.

According Cisco, Internet video to TV will grow at a rapid pace, increasing fourfold by 2018, and 67% of all Internet video traffic will cross content delivery networks (CDNs) in the same period. This amount of video traffic puts a tremendous amount of stress on an already latency- and bandwidth-challenged global Internet infrastructure.

By placing your content physically closer to your Internet service providers (ISPs) and customers, you can provide the most efficient route option for your media content, such as TV and radio contribution feeds, and accelerate content and application delivery. Equinix Performance Hub solutions for content and digital media businesses house your media content delivery systems in data centers near partners and large user populations, reducing latency and increasing bandwidth performance.


Improve end-to-end efficiency.

Equinix data centers are ideally placed in 32 of the world’s top commercial centers, allowing you to deliver more consistently on global service level agreements (SLAs). In tests conducted in our global Solution Validation Centers™, video streaming applications experienced 47% lower network latency through a Performance Hub deployment.

By aggregating your Internet traffic delivery, you’ll increase performance and scalability, while lowering network bandwidth costs. Our test results show that companies save more than 25% (on average) on network bandwidth costs with a Performance Hub implementation. Our 145 global data centers are home to 6,300+ Equinix customers, enabling you to expand the reach of your digital media and entertainment products and attract new viewers worldwide.

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Referenzhandbuch: Performance Hub und Equinix Cloud Exchange

Der Aufbau direkter, sicherer und zuverlässiger Verbindungen zu den Anbietern von Cloud-Services über Equinix Performance Hubs und Equinix Cloud Exchange erlaubt es Unternehmen, das öffentliche Internet mit seinen Nachteilen zu umgehen und so von allen Vorteilen des Cloud-Computings zu profitieren.


Equinix Interconnectivity

On its surface, interconnection is simple in that it's merely a piece of fiber running from one company's network to another's. What makes it so useful, and thus so powerful, is that it's a completely secure, high-bandwidth connection with zero latency.


Performance Hub

Equinix Performance Hub can enable your company to securely and directly connect to leading public clouds, easily deploy a private cloud, and lay the foundation of a hybrid cloud.

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