Cloud-based technologies are causing disruptive innovations in digital media, enabling new possibilities and efficiencies in content acquisition, management and distribution. These shifts in technology are bringing new solutions to the entertainment industry, along with opportunities to scale your service delivery capacity, simplify management and security, decrease costs, and increase agility. According to PwC, a major challenge for media and entertainment businesses is learning how to "manage new work-streams and control how they keep content secure, while making it available to every contributor who needs it and every user who has the right to see it. All this points to cloud technology."

Interconnect to new partners such as Hulu, Foursquare and Front Porch Digital.


Increase agility while decreasing cost.

Equinix is the home of the interconnected cloud. Its Platform Equinix™ data centers and Equinix Cloud Exchange™ enable companies to bypass the Internet using secure, direct connections for rapid deployment, globalization and scaling of cloud computing. It provides a platform to enable new digital media workflow solutions. Content and media companies can access a range of cloud services such as asset management, storage, video editing and encoding and transcoding, as well as storage and archiving services.

Equinix Cloud Exchange allows digital media and entertainment companies to:

  • Build a virtualized broadcast infrastructure housed in a secure data center with links to public cloud services to meet increasing demand.
  • Gain access to 500+ cloud solution providers, including direct connections to AWS and Microsoft Azure within the same data center.
  • Interconnect to new partners, such as Hulu, Foursquare and Front Porch Digital, to swiftly develop and create cloud environments that enable new products and services.
  • Locate your cloud-based content and media delivery platform closer to your partners and customers, increasing end-to-end content and media delivery efficiency and speed.
  • Easily develop hybrid clouds and simplify managing connections to multiple cloud services with automated cloud connection provisioning.
  • Provide a secure and reliable, cloud-based content and media archiving infrastructure for business continuity and disaster recovery.

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Verbindungen für das neue Digital-Media-Ecosystem

Internet-Bereitstellung und Cloud-Hosting haben alle Aspekte der Wertschöpfungskette innerhalb der Content- und Media-Branche verändert. Sie bestimmen, wie Inhalte erstellt, verwaltet und ausgeliefert werden. Parallel fordern Verbraucher, dass diese Inhalte jetzt auf jedem Gerät, zu jeder Zeit und unabhängig vom genutzten Netzwerk verfügbar sind.


Das Medienunternehmen der nächsten Generation

As media and advertising have shifted online, media enterprises have become increasingly interconnected, across their supply chains, internally, as workflows transition to digital, and with customers, digital platforms, exchanges and marketplaces.

White Paper

Aufbau eines Medienunternehmens der nächsten Generation

In this whitepaper, MTM examines the perceptions of the current landscape and of the business benefits and challenges associated with increased interconnectivity with suppliers, internally and with customers and marketplaces.

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