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Equinix was able to keep its two Tokyo data centers operating normally after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit Japan.


Technischer Support

Equinix is committed to keeping your IT operating in any situation. We continuously monitor our buildings and your equipment. Our skilled Smart Hands™ service teams provide on- or off-site technical assistance, troubleshoot problems and perform emergency equipment replacement. And when you face extraordinarily difficult circumstances, our history should inspire confidence.

Equinix was able to keep its two Tokyo data centers operating normally after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. And when Superstorm Sandy knocked out power for days throughout the northeastern United States, staffers stayed on site for days at a time—even with flooding in their own homes. As a result, Equinix data centers had little or no downtime.


Deployment Planning

Equinix provides the personnel and the resources to maximize the interconnection you’ll find inside our global data centers. Our sales engineers and Global Solutions Architects have the expertise to help you design optimal IT architectures and have developed tools to make it easier to determine where you should deploy.

Equinix offers our customers the tools they need to discover and maximize the interconnection inside our global data centers. Visual InSite shows capital markets customers which companies are already inside any Equinix data center and gives them a graphical look at the density of interconnection there. That helps them determine where to deploy for the best opportunities to reach target customers and business partners.


Our GUIDE tool is a proprietary database of hundreds of data centers worldwide. It includes the thousands of financial services points of interest inside Equinix, as well as the networks that connect to them. GUIDE can help you locate the services or exchanges you want to connect to, find out which data center is closest and design a route that gets you there with the lowest latency.

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White Paper

Ecosystems and Liquidity - An Exchange Road Map For Maximum Order Flow

As electronic trading matures, markets become highly competitive and global. Liquidity too becomes more mobile, shifting intraday from one venue to another. ‘Risk-on’ or ‘risk-off’ sentiments then drive global flows of funds to raise or lower prices across entire markets. Understanding where liquidity comes from has become a key success factor in today’s global financial markets.


Übersicht: Kapitalmärkte

Die globalen IBX-Rechenzentren von Equinix verbinden die Kapitalmärkte in allen weltweit führenden Finanzzentren. Sie bieten eine Colocation- und Proximity-Hosting-Plattform, die für Marktteilnehmer eine neutrale Grundlage bildet, um innerhalb des weltweit größten elektronischen Trading-Ecosystems für zahlreiche Anlageklassen miteinander zu konkurrieren und zusammenzuarbeiten.


Broschüre: Global Solutions Architects

Die Equinix Global Solutions Architects sind Technologieexperten, die mit ihren Beratungsleistungen unsere Kunden dabei unterstützen, die richtigen Technologieentscheidungen zu treffen.

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