E-commerce is a dynamic business with peaks and lows in seasonal shopping and during advertising campaign cycles. The cloud is a natural and cost-effective fit for the volatility of e-commerce. You only provision and pay for resources as you need them instead of over-building your IT infrastructure in anticipation of high selling times.


Scale your e-commerce business into the cloud.

Equinix is the home of the interconnected cloud. Our Platform Equinix™ data centers and Equinix Cloud Exchange™ allow you to bypass the Internet and rapidly deploy and scale cloud computing services—including migrating your e-commerce infrastructure to a hybrid cloud—on demand. Direct, easy access to cloud services allows you to scale your e-commerce capabilities during spikes in customer buying.

With Equinix Cloud Exchange, you can:

  • Build a gateway to access cloud services, such as payment engines and additional system or storage resources, to meet spikes in demand.
  • Access 2,500+ public cloud services, including enabling direct connections to AWS and Microsoft Azure within the same data center.
  • Simplify managing connections to multiple cloud services with automated cloud connection provisioning.
  • Locate your e-commerce platform closer to your partners and customers, increasing end-to-end sales efficiency and speed.

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Equinix Cloud Exchange

Equinix Cloud Exchange ist die gemeinsame Plattform für Cloud-Service-Provider und Anwender, die es ihnen kostengünstig erlaubt, private High-Performance-Verbindungen auf Platform Equinix zu etablieren.


Equinix Cloud Exchange und die Probleme, die es löst

Equinix Cloud Exchange provides the benefits of the cloud without the downside of the public Internet. Equinix Cloud Exchange is an advanced network solution that securely reaches multiple cloud providers in metro areas around the world over a single port. It works in near real-time, so you can...





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