Equinix Name and Milestones

Equinix co-founders Jay Adelson and Al Avery were debating names for their new company when a friend asked Adelson to list the company's core attributes. He answered: "Equality, Neutrality and Internet Exchange." Call it "Equinix," the friend suggested. The question of how to pronounce the name was answered after the founders and board agreed that a soft "E" on the first syllable, just like in the word "equity," would be the right choice.

Equinix Interconnection

It took perseverance, dedication and commitment to realize the vision of those early days. Equinix lived up to its name by building data centers that offered the highest levels of reliability,security and, most importantly, gave major networks and businesses a neutral place to interconnect. Networks and pioneering Internet content providers began connecting across rooms instead of great distances. Technology service providers, enterprises and financial companies looking to connect to multiple networks soon followed.

Today, as digital media, social media and cloud applications proliferate, Equinix enables global and emerging businesses alike to deliver their applications with higher performance and reduced latency through Platform Equinix™. We have grown into a $2.4 billion+ interconnection powerhouse with 145+ data centers in 40 markets on five continents, and we're proud to be the global interconnection platform for the world's leading companies.

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Equinix - Vision und Historie

Als die führende Interconnection-Plattform und leistungsfähigste Infrastruktur für das Internet weltweit kann Equinix auf eine imposante Vergangenheit, eine einzigartige Unternehmenskultur und eine spannende Zukunft verweisen.


Virtuelle IBX-Tour

Treten Sie ein in ein hochmodernes Equinix IBX-Rechenzentrum.


Platform Equinix fördert die Innovation in Unternehmen

Auf den Standort kommt es an. Platform Equinix verbindet zahlreiche Branchenteilnehmer an einem zentralen Ort, was es Unternehmen erlaubt, ihre IT-Leistung zu steigern, die Nutzungsqualität für Anwender zu erhöhen und gleichzeitig die Kosten zu senken.





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