Regional Management: Americas

Karl Strohmeyer - Equinix Management

Karl Strohmeyer

President, Americas

Karl Strohmeyer joined Equinix in 2013 after 12 years at Level 3 Communications, where he was Group Vice President for the North American Enterprise Group. There, he was responsible for building and overseeing a sales force of more than 1,200 people generating approximately $2.5 billion in annual revenue. Prior to this role, Strohmeyer led the Global Carrier Channel for Level 3 and managed sales teams responsible for more than $1B in carrier and service provider revenue. During his 12-year tenure at Level 3, Strohmeyer held several executive positions, supervising commercial services and large deal teams, overseeing customer operations and client service, and managing strategic relationships with other companies, including channel partners.

Prior to Level 3, Mr. Strohmeyer worked at NetRail, where he was first an executive vice president for operations—during which time he introduced four new products to market and was part of a team that raised $85 million in capital. Later at NetRail, he was an executive VP for corporate development, helping manage the sale of the company. Mr. Strohmeyer earned a B.S. in business administration from the University of New Hampshire and a master’s degree in international business administration from Mercer University.

Raouf Abdel - Equinix Management

Raouf Abdel

Regional Operating Chief, Nord- und Südamerika

Raouf Abdel ist seit 2012 bei Equinix als Regional Operating Chief für Nord- und Südamerika tätig und verantwortet in dieser Region die Planung, die Entwicklung und den Betrieb der IBX-Rechenzentren. Abdel weist mehr als 20 Jahre Erfahrung in den Wirtschaftsbereichen Telekommunikation, Konstruktion und Energie auf. Vor seiner Tätigkeit für Equinix war er President und CEO der OpTerra Energy Group, für die er den Aufbau des Business-Plans, die Absicherung der Finanzierung sowie den täglichen Betrieb verantwortete. Als President der Business Markets Group von Level 3 Communications leitete er zuvor einen Geschäftsbereich dieses Unternehmens, der eine Milliarde US-Dollar Umsatzvolumen aufzuweisen hatte. Abdel nahm bei Level 3 zudem mehrere führende Positionen in den Aufgabenfeldern Netzausbau, Produktentwicklung und M&A-Integration ein. Vor Level 3 war Abdel als Vice President of Network Deployment bei MFS Communications verantwortlich für den Netzwerk- und Standortbetrieb in den USA, Europa und Asien.

Raouf Abdel verfügt über einen B.S. in Electrical Engineering der Temple University in Philadelphia.

Eduardo Carvalho - Equinix Management

Eduardo Carvalho

Regional Managing Director, Americas

Mr. Carvalho graduated in Business Administration at the Catholic University of Campinas, and been active in the IT / Telecommunications market since 1999. He joined ALOG in 2005 as Head of Sales and became COO in 2012. In 2013 was been promoted to Country Manager and is currently responsible for the entire operation of Alog Equinix in Brazil and Latin America. Along his career, he has increased his expertise on leading in courses at Kellogg School of Management, Columbia Business School and Haas School of Business.

Mike Campbell - Equinix Management

Michael Campbell

Senior Vice President, Sales, Americas

Michael Campbell came to Equinix with 30+ years of sales leadership experience at premier high-tech organizations. As senior vice president of sales, he's responsible for driving customer-focused data center and interconnectivity solutions across all sales channels in the Americas. He places priority on client service and developing cost-effective solutions to meet customer and market demands.

Campbell has a lengthy track record of managing high revenue-producing sales forces and running direct and channel sales programs. He joined Equinix from Symantec, where he ran global renewals and website security businesses that drove almost $2 billion annually. His career at Symantec started after what's viewed by many as the company's most successful acquisition – the merger with VeriSign's authentication business unit. Campbell's time at VeriSign also began with an acquisition, of Guardent, where he ran the enterprise and channel sales teams. Before Guardent, Campbell led Akamai's U.S. sales force operations and nearly doubled the company's revenue in just one year, from $89 million to over $160 million. Campbell has also held various sales leadership positions at NCR, UUNET, CompuServe, MCI and WorldCom.

Campbell holds a B.S. in marketing, with a minor in communications, from the University of Dayton.





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