Equinix’s portfolio of advanced interconnection solutions helps our customers forge essential business connections in as many ways as possible, from one-to-one direct connections within the same data center, to the many-to-many connections that make us the home of the interconnected cloud. Today we enable 170,000+ connections between our customers, making us the world's leading global interconnection platform for the world’s leading businesses.

Equinix Interconnection

Our Services and Solutions

We offer businesses the market's most diverse choice of interconnection paths:

  • Equinix Performance Hub™ places corporate IT resources in distributed data centers connected to many networks and clouds and delivers dramatic improvements in application performance and IT agility.
  • Equinix Cloud Exchange™ enables on-demand, direct connections to multiple cloud providers and networks from a single port.
  • Equinix Internet Exchange™ connects peers at 19 Internet Exchange Point locations in 17 global metro areas.
  • Equinix Cross Connects directly link customers in the same data center or metro, for secure, instant and private one-to-one connections.
  • Equinix Metro Connect™ links data center customers in the same metro to each other and our broader global footprint.
  • Equinix Global Roaming Exchange is a platform for mobile data providers to exchange GPRS roaming traffic with other providers through a single connection.

We've invested $12.5B+ since our founding to construct a global interconnection platform that extends across 40 markets and five continents. Our data centers are known for their operational excellence, reliability and resilience. We are built to handle the rigorous demands of the interconnected era and positioned to expand the worldwide interconnection leadership we've worked hard to claim.

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Foundation for the Digital Economy

Ob es Ihr Ziel ist, Ihre IT-Infrastruktur zu sichern, ob sie expandieren möchten oder ob Sie Leistungsoptimierungen anstreben - Platform Equinix bietet Ihnen mit der globalen Präsenz seiner zuverlässigen IBX Rechenzentren und dem etablierten Business-Ecosystem die Voraussetzungen, Ihr Ziel zu erreichen.


Performance Hub optimiert

Equinix Performance Hub can enable your company to securely and directly connect to leading public clouds, easily deploy a private cloud, and lay the foundation of a hybrid cloud. This bundled solution will drastically improve your users' (employees, partners and customers) quality of experience as they access on-premise and cloud applications.


Übersicht: Equinix Cloud Exchange

Equinix Cloud Exchange™ ist eine hochmoderne Interconnection-Lösung, die bei Bedarf sofortige, nahtlose und direkte Verbindungen zu mehreren Clouds, über mehrere Netzwerke, an mehr als einem Dutzend Standorten weltweit ermöglicht.

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