Wie Unternehmen durch Interkonnektivität erfolgreich sind

To overcome their most daunting challenges, leading enterprises are re-architecting legacy infrastructure to transform IT. With interconnection at its core, this new architecture supports the level of performance, security and efficiency required to fuel innovation and drive growth. Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA™) from Equinix is a proven and repeatable framework that can transform your company into an interconnected enterprise - ready to bring on the future.

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Interconnection Drives Growth

Rapid changes in the digital economy are exponentially increasing connectivity demands, quickly reaching the limits of legacy IT architectures.

See how forward thinking companies are leveraging interconnection to succeed.

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Here’s What Customers and Analysts Say

Interconnection is the building block for next generation IT architectures.

CDM Smith

Customer Success Story

See how CDM Smith leverages interconnection inside Equinix to support significant and sustainable business advantage.

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451 Research


451 Research explains why interconnection is the cornerstone for performance, agility and growth in the digital age.

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White Paper

Die Grundlage der Interkonnektivität für Unternehmen

To drive growth in today’s digital economy, organizations must re-architect IT, interconnecting key service providers and end users at the point of engagement – the edge. Next generation architectures enable growth from new products, services, and markets.

White Paper

Das Unmögliche möglich machen

Enterprises are waking up to the fact that legacy architecture is the root cause of persistent IT problems. This whitepaper shows how forward thinking organizations are leveraging new architectures, with interconnection at their core, giving them the ability to solve a range of those problems all...


Interkonnektivität für Unternehmen

Facing the limits of legacy models, modern enterprises are re-architecting IT to solve performance, cost and security problems. By directly interconnecting people, locations, clouds and data, they can better create new value and growth.





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